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 Milan Pekar, designer

Milan Pekar, designer

About the Designer

Award-winning Czech designer Milan Pekar has been dedicated to his craft since 1996. Today he is creating crystalline glaze vases and sculptures in porcelain. He’s a sort of an alchemist in his field and his study of glaze chemistry is known around the world. He develops his own glazes and uses different ingredients during firing to create a truly unique porcelain pieces.


Bursts of Crystals


Three unique color variations in three different sizes to fit in your home or office.


Behind the Product

After many months of mixing and testing, Milan developed his own unique glaze mixtures. His collection of vases takes us on a fascinating adventure of colorful crystal blasts decorating each piece. To show the uniqueness of the special crystal glazes, the vases are designed based on simple geometric shapes and proportions.